Thyroid Body Type Package

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Thyroid Body Type Package

  • Thyroid Body Type Package

Regular Price: $187.00

Special Price: $149.00

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This is a complete 60 day supply. This “Get Healthy Kit” is designed to rejuvenate your metabolism and support your specific body type. With this kit, you will receive an 8-week package which includes the Gallbladder Formula and the Thyroid Body Type Formula.
A COMPLETE 60 Day Supply! (one Get Healthy Kit)
Your weight loss program is a get healthy plan:

STRATEGY: Get Healthy Kit. Your kit is designed to rejuvenate your metabolism and support your specific body type. With the Get Healthy Kit, you will receive an 8-week package, including:

GallBladder Formula and your Thyroid Body Type Formula.
Gallbladder Formula - Supporting the gallbladder allows the liver to release toxins and enhance digestion, getting more out of your foods. Many people need a little something after they eat simply because they are not digesting and absorbing enough nutrients.
The Organic Sea Kelp Formula - Formulated for The Thyroid Body Type for support to a healthy functioning thyroid gland. Provides organic plant based iodine and other minerals. This product is organic and from Iceland
Super Nutrients - This product gives your body vital nutrients for supporting your metabolism, enhancing your brain function and giving the body nourishment. It not only gives you broad-based vitamin mineral enhancement as well as support for anti-aging, cognitive and recovery after exercise.
Trace Minerals - This product gives you the micro-nutrients to enhance any and all trace mineral deficiencies. Due to our soils being deplete in the US, it is necessary to enhance our diets with trace minerals, especially as it relates to endocrine health and metabolism.

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  1. Review by Shanthini
    I have been diagnosed with...
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    I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for about 14 years and have been on Levothyroxin from 25mcg to 125 mcg currently. I have only gained weight every year, and I am just tired and sluggish all the time. Since end of last year (December 2013), I have come into perimenopause state which is leading to menopause this year, I think. So, there is a lot of things going on in my body having an under active thyroid and coming into menopause. I also think that I may have an adrenal issue as well. I certainly would like some advice from Dr.Berg, please. Thank you.
    Phone: (530)949 5641 CA (Posted on 3/19/2014)

  2. Review by M38
    What are your thoughts on...

    What are your thoughts on dessicated thyroid? You once carried it called Thyroid Support and I understand you are associated with another company who produces it. I wonder the reasoning for discontinutation. Health concerns? And does it have an effect on Mitral valve prolapse?
    Thanks! (Posted on 12/5/2013)

  3. Review by juan

    help (Posted on 10/12/2013)

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