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Happy Joints

  • Maintains Healthy Joints!
  • Supports Healthy Tendons!
  • Promotes Ligament Integrity!
  • Aids in Joint Mobility!

This unique blend of joint support ingredients can help aid in motion and overall joint integrity. Use this product to counter stress from aging and exercise. Give your joints the nutrients they need to function optimally.

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Strengthens Cartilage and Connective Tissue. This is a potent combination of four types of collagen (Types I, II, V, X), hyaluronic acid (HA), chondroitin sulfate and other beneficial mucopolysaccharides. These combined nutrients help joint connective tissues recover – helping to reduce discomfort, strengthen muscles and improve mobility.

Glucosamine HCL (Non-GMO)

Glucosamine is a component of joint tissue and is involved in the production of synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints.

Adrenal Suprarenal Cortex Substance

Adrenal glandular extracts contains factors that can aid in supporting the deeper problem behind inflammation in the first place. Many people take the steroid called Prednisone. This is a synthetic adrenal hormone acting as an anti-inflammatory hormone. We added adrenal support to give you the advantage of extra anti-inflammatory support.

Turmeric Root Extract (4:1)

Turmeric root extract supports healthy response to inflammation because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory root. This root is also high in phytonutrients and vitamins and minerals to support the joints, tendons and ligaments

Stinging Nettle Root

Stinging Nettle Root contains some amazing anti-inflammatory properties and is used in all sorts of pain syndromes including arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and joint pain in general.

Acerola Cherry Fruit Extract

Acerola Cherry Fruit Extract has one of the highest complete vitamin C complex of all plants. It’s complete vitamin C can allow the raw material for your body to make collagen and cartilage.

Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract

Boswellia Extract aids in the improvement of healthy joint function and mobility.


MSM helps in strengthening joints. It is a rich source of bioavailable sulfur, which the cartilage needs to function correctly. MSM is the raw material that helps make hyaluronic acid, a part of joint fluid.

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