Keto Health Summit 2019 (Digital Version)

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12 amazing speakers, incredible keto and intermittent fasting information, all compiled in one unforgettable weekend. Now you can watch each speaker in the privacy of your own home. In addition to each speaker’s presentation, you will get their PowerPoint Slides (via pdf) document.

Redefine What it Means to “Be Healthy”

How can the greatest Keto experts in the world help your health? If you have used keto to become healthy and happy, you may be shocked by how much more there is to know. Mastering the basics is important, but the higher level keto knowledge can do even more to transform your life. The 2019 Healthy Keto summit gives insider knowledge on how to live with more energy, vitality, and happiness.


  • Meet the keto community. If you’ve just started following the keto diet, or even if you’ve been on it for years, you may probably don’t know how passionate people are about keto. It’s a healthy lifestyle that can transform your life like no other. Other people’s energy will motivate you and introduce you to a fun health-oriented community.
  • Easy to understand. The panels are full of doctors, scientific researchers, and world authorities. But they will not remind you of boring science classes. Every speaker has the skills to educate you, hold your attention, and empower you with tips for leading an even healthier life.
  • Insider advice. The experts you will learn from have collectively spent hundreds of years studying keto. You can take the best discoveries these experts have spent their lives working on, and instantly apply it to the way you do keto. This includes everything from how to exercise to supporting healthy blood.
  • Keto at a glance. In addition to full videos about the conference, you also get a convenient PDF with all the presentations on it. That makes it easy for you to review information, remember what speakers are saying, and have their advice in a convenient form you can actually use.


What will I learn?

Twelve amazing speakers, powerful and applicable keto and fasting information, all in one weekend. You permanently get access to every talk that took place at the summit. Watch them on your schedule, in the comfort of your home.

  • General keto insights
  • “Preventing Calcium in Your Arteries”
  • Fat burning secrets that make keto even more effective
  • The underestimated powers of fasting
  • How to train at high intensity in the ketogenic state
  • “Controlling Your Cholesterol On Keto”
  • More tips to make keto easy and fun
  • The long term low carb lifestyle
  • “Ironman 100% Keto”
  • “Keto Diet and Brain Cancer”


Who are these speakers?


These speakers are not random internet gurus with questionable credentials. Over half of the presenters are certified doctors who have dedicated their lives to optimizing keto. The rest have proven their worth: the speakers focusing on exercise have managed unbelievable physical feats all without eating simple carbohydrates.


These are people who have taken the keto lifestyle to the extreme. And if that’s not for you, that’s completely understandable. But you still have the opportunity to learn from them, take their nuggets of wisdom, and apply them to how you do keto.


Are you ready for the next step of the keto lifestyle?


Keto changes your life from the very start. But once you know how to get healthy -- you can learn even more to make your transformation even better. (Even if that’s hard to believe)


You can discover new recipes, training methods, keto tips, dieting advice, and overall suggestions and how to be healthier and have more energy. 


If you’re a fan of keto now, you have the basics down. And that’s the most important step towards living a healthy life. But this conference has high-level insights that just make following keto easier, more effect, and more enjoyable.

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