Dr. Berg’s Keto Urine Strips

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  • Easy ketone testing using only urine
  • Contains 100 strips per container
  • Lab grade test strips

Use these Keto Testing Strips to find out if you are in ketosis and the level of ketosis. It’s incredibly simple, just dip strip in a container of urine and match the colors. The darker the color the deeper the ketosis. Use this to determine which foods you can and cannot consume. Certain people can still test positive for ketone for specific foods, yet others cannot. This is an inexpensive way to assess what you should be eating to maximize your effective keto plan.

This is great for people starting out in their Healthy Keto plan. Over time, as you burn more and more ketones and your body is more efficient, you will observe less ketones on testing. But use this within your first few months then graduate to a blood ketone tester.

  • High-performance keto strips
  • Perfect for keto or low carbohydrate diets
  • Quick and clear results identify the stage of your diet
  • Protect yourself from “hidden carbohydrates”
  • Understand what foods knock you out of ketosis

Suggested use: It’s incredibly simple, just dip strip in a container of urine and match the colors. The darker the color the deeper the ketosis. 

Contains 100 Lab grade strips per container.  


Make Sure You Are On A Healthy Journey


Many times, a patient thinks they are on a ketogenic diet but then sees no results. It can be disheartening to strictly diet for weeks and remain at the same weight. While many factors can explain this, the simplest is that you thought you were in ketosis, but really weren’t. These Urine Strips tell you your diet is working before you start losing weight.


Health benefits


Dr. Berg’s Urine Strips are designed to verify your ketone levels. Use them to check if you are on the path to good health

  • Identify your keto levels. These lab-grade testing strips accurately identify the ketones in your urine. Your body naturally produces more and more ketones as you get closer to ketosis. If you use these, and the result is a light color, you have a red-flag that tells you your diet isn’t working as well as it should.
  • You never get a sign your body is in ketosis. How can you know you are about to lose weight? Your body doesn’t give you a sign that your hard work paid off and you are finally in “ketosis.” For all you know, you could not be cutting enough carbohydrates to make your diet worthwhile.
  • Know when you can expect results. Knowing what stage of ketosis you are in tells you whether to eat more or fewer carbohydrates. You might have great weight-loss results, but these strips will tell you if you could be an even higher level of ketosis. That means you could reach your results even faster.
  • More affordable and quicker to use than a professional blood tester. Other methods of knowing if you are in ketosis include buying a professional blood tester or getting weekly bloodwork done. Both can be expensive and time-consuming.


What are hidden carbohydrates and how do you protect yourself from them?


Keto can be demanding, so it’s frustrating when you don’t lose weight. The first problem is that you may think you are in ketosis but you actually aren’t. These strips help you identify that. But if you are following the keto diet, and working hard to eat health and carb-free... then why are you not in ketosis?


One of the probable answers are hidden carbs.


Unforeseen carbohydrates items like coffee, sauces, seasonings, and drinks could be holding back your weight-loss success.


All of these “Sneak” into your diet without you even realizing it. That leads to frustrating weeks spent dieting -- without even seeing results. You can do your best to avoid carbs, but sometimes you just don’t know what you are doing wrong.


If that sounds like you, then these Urine Strips are the quickest way to know you are not wasting your time. You’ve already waited long enough to look and feel healthy, don’t let an unfortunate surprise slow you down.


They are pharmacy grade, safe, reliable, and accurate. They are especially useful to know if something you are eating is knocking you out of ketosis


Use these strips to verify if weight-loss results are just around the corner.

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