Dr. Berg’s Amazing Self-Massage Tool - Complete Package with a Step-by-step Digital Video Tutorial

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  • Dr. Berg’s specially designed massage tool
  • Learn how to do acupressure on yourself
  • Makes it easy to get the stress out
  • Get wonderful rest
  • Use this for neck, low back, feet discomfort
  • Allows you to use different widths for different techniques
  • Have it be stabilized when you do this in bed or on your couch
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Melt Your Stress Any Time Of The Day You Want

  • Whole Body Stress Relief
  • 7-8 Hours of Uninterrupted Sleep & Wake Up Refreshed
  • Simple Step-by-Step Techniques
  • Self-Massage Tool To Extract Back & Neck Stress


Massage Tool Uses

Learn how to do acupressure on yourself using Dr. Berg's specially designed device. This invention makes it easy to reduce stress and get great rest. Use it as a tripod to address different stress points on your body. This is the complete program which comes with an additional step-by-step video tutorial showing you how to reduce your stress, rest and feel great. The basic program comes with step-by-step instructions in a PDF document.


It all started when Dr. Berg’s usual go-to person for massage in his clinic was out of the office.

He had been having some challenging problems, causing tension and pain to build up in his neck and shoulders. This happened from time to time, but he always had help resolving it quickly.

Not this time. She was out of the office and no one else was available. I wish I could just get another pair of my own hands, he thought.

Then the light bulb went on in his head.

That’s when Dr. Berg started designing his self-massage tool – designed after his own hands and his knowledge of acupressure.

But in addition to being effective, it also had to be something that super-easy to use. Especially on the back and neck, which are hard to reach.

So he came up with his tripod design that would stay stable on any surface. So you can lean back on it in a chair or lay down on it in bed. Now anyone could use it anywhere on their body – including their hard-to-reach areas. You can even use the tool on your feet.

Then Dr. Berg made it fit 3 different sizes. Because as a chiropractor he knew it had to fit every size and shape, just like his patients.

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