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  • Step-by-step Amazing Eating Plan & How to Burn Belly Fat
  • Situation Handlings for Any Barrier (social events, stress eating, etc.)
  • Substitute Pleasure Food Recipes (exclusive videos here only)
  • Body Corrections
  • Actual Real Life Case Studies (learn from people just like you)
  • Advanced Techniques that Go Beyond Diet & Exercise. Released month 2.

Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto & Intermittent Fasting Membership IS the most comprehensive program for healthy weight loss. Dr. Berg teaches you all of his secrets and advanced strategies and techniques to get your body and your health back to where it needs to be. These techniques are the end result of over 25 years of research and will take your health to the next level.

The information is delivered in an easy to digest go at your own pace way.

Simply watch the video that apply to your specific situation and implement the step-by-step procedures.

There will be additional amazing recipes, case studies of situations just like yours. We are constantly updating and adding new things to the portal to ensure you really win this time!


Use your Meal Creator Bonus to quickly (within minutes) generate delicious weekly meals at the press of a button. This will save you a lot of time and provide the planning to stick to your new lifestyle changes.

Each month you will be allowed to receive an in-depth evaluation which is tailor-made to your specific situation. This evaluation tool uses a deep and complex algorithm that Dr. Berg designed himself.

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