Electrolyte 100 Servings Bundle


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Get a six-month supply of electrolyte-replenishing powder with the Dr. Berg Electrolyte Bundle. This bundle includes 100 servings of Electrolyte Powder Lemonade and 100 servings of Electrolyte Powder Raspberry & Lemon Natural Flavor. These powders are easy to dissolve and perfect for supporting endurance, hydration, energy, and normal muscle function. Plus, they are keto-friendly! Each serving is loaded with 1,000 mg of potassium and contains absolutely no sugar, carbohydrates, maltodextrin, or artificial ingredients.

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Dr.Berg Original Electrolyte powder. Bundle Pack Best price electrolyte.
Electrolyte 100 Servings Bundle

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    Electrolyte 100 Servings Bundle

    Now it’s DOUBLE the size (but not the price) with a delicious NEW lemonade flavor and raspberry & lemon flavor! 1,000 mg of potassium per serving and NEW pink Himalayan salt added for sodium, chloride, and trace minerals—better than any electrolyte powder on the market. Your body requires 4,700 mg of potassium a day or seven to ten cups of veggies. Our healthy electrolyte drink helps you reach that goal.

    It's a double-sized bundle!


    Inside this Bundle

    1 x Electrolyte Powder 100 Servings Raspberry & Lemon Natural Flavor

    1 x Electrolyte Powder 100 Servings Lemonade

    Form: Powder

    Serving size: 1 scoop (approximately 6.8 g / 0.24 oz)

    Servings per container: 100

    Suggested use: Mix one scoop in a 16-ounce (450 ml) glass of water.

    Form: Powder

    Serving size: 1 scoop (approximately 6.8 g / 0.24 oz)

    Servings per container: 100

    Suggested use: Mix one scoop in a 16-ounce (450 ml) glass of water.



    Dr. Berg Electrolyte Powder supports hydration, healthy muscles, and high energy. The formula is mixed with potassium—the often missed ingredient for peak performance. This electrifying combination supports energy levels from your tiniest cells to your full-body workouts. All without the sugary gunk that slows you down.



    Dr. Berg Electrolyte Powder supports your body to maintain clean, steady energy levels


    • Feel more energized. Electrolytes support your body with energy. 1000 mg of potassium energizes your mind, cells, and muscles.
    • The real reason you’re tired. Healthy energy levels require electrolytes and other minerals. This electrolyte powder supports your body to work normally.
    • Put your athletic endurance into higher gear. Electrolyte powder supports you with energy to crush your next gym session.
    • No sugar or carbs. Zero sugar, carbs, or maltodextrin make this Electrolyte Powder a perfect pairing for the keto diet. You’ll feel ready for every workout without knocking yourself out of ketosis.
    • Be in tune—quicker reflexes. Potassium allows signals to travel normally through your body by lubricating the muscles and nerves that make up your communication system.

     30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    RISK FREE! Contact us within 30 days and we will refund you, no questions asked!



    • ZERO SUGARS OR CARBS. We get it: you head to the gym, have to skip a meal for a meeting, or it’s a hot summer day. So you and your family reach for a sports drink to get hydrated and keep going. In reality, you’d be better off just drinking water. Those drinks are filling you with sugar that’s holding back your weight-loss efforts, messing up your keto diet, or just making you exhausted. The Dr. Berg formula has none of that gunk and will energize you instead.
    • NO MALTODEXTRIN. What even is maltodextrin? It’s a food additive that thickens products. The point is it’s the last thing you want to be drinking. It has a higher glycemic rating than sugar, which means it’s even worse for health. The Dr. Berg formula is designed to only give your body the substances that support you to feel energized. That’s while keeping you in ketosis and supporting normal blood sugar levels. No added sugars, carbs, or maltodextrin. It’s just electrolytes with a light flavor sweetened with stevia.
    • 13 TIMES MORE POTASSIUM THAN COMMON SPORTS DRINKS. The Dr. Berg formula has more potassium and electrolytes than most drinks out there. With complete electrolytes, you avoid symptoms like weakness, tiredness, constipation, sugar cravings, and restlessness before sleep. Support your potassium levels without eating massive amounts of vegetables every day.
    • YOUR KIDS WON’T EAT VEGGIES. If you can’t even eat the right amount of veggies, there’s no way you can get your children to. They need potassium just like you. Instead of greens, just give them this formula in the morning instead of orange juice. They’ll love the yummy flavor. Problem solved.
    • NO FILLERS, DYES, OR POOR-QUALITY INGREDIENTS. You don’t have to worry about food dyes or other additives that so many other brands pack into their products. Our Electrolyte Powder is just electrolytes with a little bit of a natural flavor sweetened with stevia. It’s a clean, pure product you can trust.
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