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Whole Cruciferous Food

Whole Cruciferous Food

SuperFood in a Pill
  • Amazing for Energy
  • 10 Powerful Super Foods
  • 250 Capsules Per Bottle (41 Days)
  • All Organic Vegetables

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Organic Cruciferous Food Testimonials

Quick Overview

Whole Cruciferous Food:

Our Whole Cruciferous Food 250 tablets per containers. Includes 5 cruciferous vegetables (kale, cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, and collard greens) and beets, asparagus, red radish, parsley, with added garlic and turmeric. Cruciferous vegetables contain tons of phytonutrients, which add many additional health benefits.

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What is it?
It is a blend of 5 cruciferous vegetables and 5 additional vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables come from the word cruc, meaning cross because of the design on the leaf.

Why should I use it?
Our environment is so polluted with chemicals and cruciferous naturally supports your liver, the hub of fat burning and health. The other benefit to taking Cruciferous is the high levels of nutrients contained in these plants. With our soils being so void of nutrition, you need a good supply of a broad spectrum of nutrients in Whole Cruciferous Food.

What is unique?
It is the most complete cruciferous blend of whole food vegetable supplements in existence. Cruciferous has many health benefits including liver and immune support.

How long do I take it?
This is a great supplement to your diet because many people do not consume these vegetables as often. I would take it as a maintenance supplement to your eating.

When do I take it?
You can take it anytime. You can split it up in the am and in the pm. Because it is food, there is no exact time to take it.

What is it good for?
Overall body function and liver support. There are numerous studies that state that cruciferous vegetables have immune supporting effects.

How long does it take to work?
Because it's not a drug, but a whole food concentrate, it will create a gradual process over 1 week to kick in. Your cravings will diminish greatly within a few days.

Any side effects?
If you get bloating with cabbage, garlic or kale, then you might also get bloating with this product. Start off taking 1 tablet per day to get used to it. These are not allergies but if certain bacteria are missing, the fiber in the cruciferous will not digest causing gas and bloating.

››› 12 reviews have been left by customers who purchased this product.

  1. Review by Kristina
    I have hypothyroid and...

      I have hypothyroid and worried about taking this supplement. Any suggestions? (Posted on 10/26/2013)

    • Review by S. Helman
      Miss Savi, ...

        Miss Savi,

        I lost 9.75lbs in 5 weeks so far after doing Liver Enhancement for 4 weeks and have been taking cruciferous food since then. I'm in my sixties and I was in birth control pills for years. Then I was in Bio Identical treatment for the past three years. I was being told it's going to be hard to lose weight due to high estrogen level and my age.

        But, now I'm at 133 lbs, went down from 142.75 lbs. I feel a whole lot healthier.

        I keep eating healthy as suggested and I still have 18 pounds more to go. (Posted on 6/13/2013)

      • Review by Szilvia
        Dear Savi, ...

          Dear Savi,

          I started taking ovary type with Cruciferous as you suggested
          and it is amazing! I haven't have such a calm
          ovulation for 15 years!!!!!!!!! Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

          Fancy that! I'm pretty much an opinion leader in
          my area and I have about now 50 friends and their friend's on
          Dr Berg's diet!!! :)))))))))))))) Wonderful success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          (Posted on 6/13/2013)

        • Review by kelley P
          I love the cruciferous food...

            I love the cruciferous food pills! I increase or decrease my number of pills I take a day depending on my body's needs at that time. Currently taking 4 pills 3x a day and I have noticed my body sheds unwanted fat much faster now because my liver is working in its best shape! (Posted on 3/30/2013)

          • Review by Tonya Price
            It gives me more energy. I...

              It gives me more energy. I take it 3 per meal. But I also eat a lot salad. I like it because it helps to supply my body the need of vegetables. (Posted on 2/23/2013)

            • Review by Deena Palsen
              I can say I feel different...

                I can say I feel different when using this product. It is a high quality product and I trust that is good. Whole food cruciferous vegetables in tablet is a plus and simple to take! (Posted on 8/24/2012)

              • Review by Karen Bakshoian
                My husband and I are both...

                  My husband and I are both taking the cruciferous food tablets. I don't see a difference because I eat lots of vegetables, but John is enjoying having this easy way to supplement his salads and he takes them faithfully.

                  His belly has shrunken considerably - the water weight loss is considerable and he took his belt in another notch. BP went up but his blood glucose is lower at 110.

                  I have made him this "Waldorf" Cole slaw, Dr. Berg style, which John says is like dessert! Mix freshly chopped cabbage, chopped apple, walnuts, tsp of vinegar and organic mayo.

                  I find it amazing how small my appetite is, but this is the first time in my life (65 years old) that I have been able to truly give up sugar. And since doing that 5 weeks ago, I am rarely hungry. I eat smaller portions at every meal land feel very energetic!

                  The multiple sclerosis symptoms are dwindling - still have a balance issues and muscle spasms in my legs at night, but not in my arms all day long like before. I am no longer using the cane for walking. Am sleeping much better with no more choking or headaches and I've lost 18 pounds.

                  Please tell Dr. Berg we say, "Thank you very much!" and thank you too Savi, for listening to our wins. I imagine you receive thousands of these messages. :-) (Posted on 7/9/2012)

                • Review by Theresa Jhonson
                  I have been taking...

                    I have been taking Cruciferous Food for about a month now and I love it. I get all the vitamins I need from vegetables and my nails and skin look a lot better.

                    I feel great and will always keep taking them. I will keep taking them because they are all natural. (Posted on 6/13/2012)

                  • Review by Lisa Gillespie
                    Since taking the cruciferous...

                      Since taking the cruciferous food tablets, I have experienced a great deal more energy and I don't have the afternoon fatigue I used to feel while at work. My cravings for junk food have disappeared and I have been able to replace bad, unhealthy snacks with good, healthy ones. I no longer experience hunger between meals. (Posted on 4/6/2012)

                    • Review by Stephenne Belle
                      This has been a very...

                        This has been a very interesting journey. The results have been very favorable so far. I am completing my second round of supplements and can really feel it in my body. Now , I am experiencing increased energy, improved mental clarity, and weight loss in the midsection, hips, and thighs. I feel my loss is in inches and thickness right now.

                        The supplements are easy for me to take and swallow. I enjoy the chocolate kale shake. Prior to the powder mix, I was following Dr. Berg's video steps on how to make the shake using raw ingredients. Sometimes I add fruit, broccoli,ginger, or ground flaxseed to the kale shake. The cranberry drink is so refreshing and really helps curb my craving for sweets. I keep packets in my purse.

                        I am sure that I will see more changes and improvements as I move into the third round of supplements.

                        Thank you, Dr. Berg. (Posted on 4/4/2012)

                      • Review by Marilyn Stewart
                        I don't like the taste and...

                          I don't like the taste and the tablet shape. It's pretty big to swallow.

                          But I'm doing well with the Cruciferous Food even though I have kidney problem. Because my Doctor said for not taking too many supplements, but since this is natural supplements, I think it should be fine to take them as suggested. I feel good when I'm taking this.
                          (Posted on 3/12/2012)

                        • Review by Clarice Peters
                          I have been taking whole...

                            I have been taking whole cruciferous concentrate for sometime. The supplement has been most helpful in maintain a proper potassium level that can be reduced with certain prescription indications.

                            Feel so much better. (Posted on 2/23/2012)

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                          It works by triggering your own body enzymes in your liver.

                          5 cruciferous vegetables and 5 additional vegetables!
                          Question: What does cruciferous mean?
                          Answer: It comes from the Latin word for cross, which describes the cross-like pattern on the vegetable plants. Cruciferous vegetables include kale, broccoli, radish, cauliflower, mustard greens and bok choy.

                          Question: What are the benefits of cruciferous?
                          Answer: Cruciferous have unique factors called phytonutrients, which have health properties that extend way beyond just vitamins and minerals. Scientists estimate that there are about 10,000 different phytonutrients that are considered beneficial in the support of the liver. Many phytonutrient extracts are being used for drugs by the pharmaceutical companies.

                          Question: I heard that cruciferous vegetables affect the thyroid.
                          Answer: Cruciferous can deplete iodine, however, this is information is taken out of context as the amount of iodine it would block is so small it is insignificant if someone is eating other common foods. The health benefits from cruciferous are much greater than any possible negative effect from iodine depletion.

                          Question: I noticed that I get bloating and gas from eating these foods.
                          Answer: This is not an allergy. In your intestines you have friendly microbes that produce enzymes responsible for breaking down these cruciferous vegetable fibers. If you have not developed these good bacteria, then you may have the inability to digest them. The best way to increase these microbes in your gut is to eat a very small amount of these vegetables over time, feeding the microbes and expanding your ability to digest. If you do not feed them, then they will never grow.

                          Question: I hear that cruciferous has something called oxylates and they can cause kidney stones.
                          Answer: This can happen if you consume large amounts, but this is rare. If you follow the eating plan, which includes some lemon in your water each day, this will counter any excess stones from forming in your kidneys. One of the mistakes people also make is consuming dietary calcium in the form of calcium carbonate, which is limestone. A better form of calcium is calcium citrate.