Whole Cruciferous Food

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Frances Jerrell

This product help when I can't get in all my vegtables for the day. I love it! Especially the amount of organic vegtables. My body feels great and my skin is so young. ....show full review


Our Whole Cruciferous Food 250 tablets per container. Includes 5 cruciferous vegetables (kale, cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, and collard greens) and beets, asparagus, red radish, parsley, with added garlic and turmeric. Cruciferous vegetables contain tons of phytonutrients, which add many additional health benefits.

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  • 1 x The Healthy Keto Plan $29.95$12.99
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What is Dr. Berg’s Whole Cruciferous Food?


Going on a liver cleanse may seem intimidating. You want to promote whole-body healthy but don’t want to deal with unpleasant side effects such as nausea, headaches, fatigue, and irritability.

Dr. Berg’s Whole Cruciferous Food is the ultimate blend of whole-food vegetables. Support a healthy liver without the discomfort of a typical detox.


Form: Capsules

Serving size: 1 capsule

Servings per container: 250

Suggested use: Take 1-2 capsules three times per day as a dietary supplement.



  • Supports your liver to work normally and cleanse your body.
  • 100% organic ingredients avoid the harsh symptoms of other detoxes.
  • Whole-vegetables contain phytonutrient blend.
  • 11 superfoods promotes liver health after detox is completed.
  • Costs only 16 cents per capsule and comes with a 41-day supply.
  • Backed by a risk-free guarantee.

Health benefits

Typical liver detoxes may deceive you into thinking a short-term fix is long-term liver support. You “flush out” your liver and think you are transforming your body when you are really just changing gears.


This Whole Cruciferous Food supplement is the first product I created. You’re about to supplement your body with packed with powerful phytonutrients. They support a healthy liver that works normally to cleanse your body.


Here are some of the incredible health benefits of Whole Cruciferous Food:

  • Targets liver detox. The best way to support a healthy liver is to target both Phase I and Phase II detox reactions. Cruciferous vegetables support your body to function naturally by assisting your body’s normal antioxidant systems. (1)
  • Your gentle detox. Many detox strategies force your liver to “flush” itself out. Not only is this unnatural, it leads to a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Cruciferous foods support your liver’s natural functions, avoiding those discomforts entirely.
  • Supports long term liver health. Phytonutrients in these vegetables go beyond a one time cleanse. Their unique properties separate them from vitamins and minerals. They mimic Mother Nature’s best support for a healthy liver.
  • Helps support energy and weight loss. The liver is a fundamental part of your metabolism. It regulates your energy levels and a healthy metabolism that can aid weight loss.

Nutrients and ingredient list for Whole Cruciferous Food

Ingredients Amount per serving % Daily Value
Proprietary Blend 450mg *


Organic beet root, Organic Brussels sprout, Organic collard green Organic asparagus, Organic kale ,Organic parsley, Organic red radish , Organic cabbage, Organic garlic , Organic turmeric, Organic sea kelp powder

*Daily value and/or Recommended Daily Intake not established
Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (vegetable capsule), Rice Powder, Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source), Silicon Dioxide

Toxins are all around us

Toxins are in the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the soil your food is grown in.

Thousands of different chemicals are used in your household products, cosmetics, foods, and food packaging.

Unfortunately, many haven’t been tested for safety. It’s still your liver’s duty to filter out all those chemicals. Your liver around the clock to deal with those pollutants. Then it also has to deal with the many other ways you put toxic stress on your liver: junk food, alcohol, and prescription or over-the-counter drugs.


Many detox methods exist but some are unnatural.

Some detoxes force your liver to “flush itself out” instead of promoting the natural processes that support long term liver health.

Cruciferous foods support your liver by supporting natural liver function and targeting toxins themselves.

Health superstars such as garlic, turmeric, and sea kelp support a healthy immune system All of these give your liver the support it needs to do what Mother Nature designed it to do: turn foreign toxins into harmless substances.

These natural foods also avoid unpleasant detox symptoms. 

Instead of being foreign drugs, they are more of the natural substances your body already uses to promote good health. 

Dr. Berg’s Whole Cruciferous Food Is a Gentle Natural Detox

These 11 amazing superfoods keep supporting your health even when your detox is finished.

  • 11 POWERFUL SUPERFOODS. With 6 powerful cruciferous vegetables and 5 other amazing superfoods, you get an incredible amount of nutrition in every capsule. Every ingredient has been chosen for their detoxifying potential and liver support: kale, cauliflower, red radish, cabbage, Brussel’s sprouts, collard greens, parsley, beet root, asparagus, turmeric, garlic, and sea kelp. 
  • NO DETOX SYMPTOMS. Unlike most detoxes, this ultimate superfood blend doesn’t give you the typical unpleasant symptoms of detox like headaches or too many trips to the bathroom. You will still support yourself to feel energetic, refreshed, and less sluggish.  
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. With so many toxins around you, all of these ingredients give you your much-needed balanced. Everything is all natural and has absolutely minimal pollutants. You give your liver a necessary break from constant pressure.
  • COMES WITH A MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. I believe in my products, and I want you to be happy with them. If this product doesn’t completely satisfy your expectations, return it within 30 days for a full refund. 

“This product has really helped my overall energy level. I can tell a difference in energy level and appetite if I leave it out of my routine. It seems to really work and it is so much easier than trying to eat that many veggies every day!”


Support your liver so it can keep you healthy

The unfortunate reality is that a modern lifestyle can put massive stress on your liver. Your body was not designed to drink alcohol, eat fast food, or deal with the tremendous amount of toxins that are around you. 

Very few people eat enough cruciferous vegetables in their daily diets. That’s because eating vegetables is hard enough. It becomes harder if you consider that low quality vegetables may not have the right nutrition in them.

This Whole Cruciferous Food supplement is the ultimate combination of liver support and long-term health promoting vegetables. These aren’t everyday greens -- they are health superstars. Each has properties that go beyond just giving your body nutrients.

It’s a small price to pay for supporting your liver. You also won’t even have to deal with detox side effects such as headaches and pains.

Dr. Berg’s Whole Cruciferous Food is right for you if:

  • You want to support your liver in detoxing and working normally..
  • You don’t eat veggies like kale or Brussel’s sprouts regularly and would like to gather the health benefits of cruciferous veggies without having to cook with them.
  • You want more energy and could use natural support that comes from powerful nutrition. 
  • You’d like to avoid detox symptoms while still getting the benefits of a cleanse.

 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

RISK FREE! Contact us within 30 days and we will refund you, no questions asked!


How should I use this product?

Take 1-2 capsules three times per day for a total of 3-6 capsules per day. You can spread out your servings throughout the day.

When is the best time to use it?

You can take it at any time. You can split up your total daily dose between the am and in the pm.

How long do I take it?

This is a great supplement to add to your diet because many people don’t consume enough cruciferous vegetables regularly. I would take it continually as a maintenance supplement on top of your regular diet

Are there any side effects?

Some people get bloating with cabbage, garlic, kale, and other cruciferous veggies. If that is the case for you, you may also get bloating with this product. This is not a sign of an allergy, but simply a sign that you don’t have the right gut microbes yet to digest these foods. The best way to increase these microbes in your intestines and expand your ability to digest these vegetables is to start with a small amount of them and then increase slowly over time. So start off by taking 1 capsule per day and allow your body to get used to it before increasing your serving size.

Can I use this while doing Keto?

Yes, the vegetable ingredients in this formula are actually great for your body while doing keto. They can help you stay healthy and maximize your health benefits.

Do cruciferous vegetables cause kidney stones?

You may have heard that you can get kidney stones from cruciferous vegetables. This can happen if you consume very large amounts, but it is rare. If you follow the eating plan, which includes some lemon in water each day, you will counter any excess stones from forming in your kidneys. Also, be sure not to make the mistake of consuming dietary calcium in the form of calcium carbonate (which can be problematic for kidney stones). Try calcium citrate instead.

What does ‘cruciferous’ mean?

It comes from the Latin word for cross. This describes the cross-like pattern on leaves of plants belonging to this family like kale, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard greens, and bok choy

How big of a supply do I get with each order?

Each container contains 250 servings of Whole Cruciferous Food.

How should this product be stored?

Store in a cool, dry place.
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