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Dr Berg. I personally want to thank you! You opened my eyes to so much information that I never knew. I wished every doctor followed this protocol - instead of pushing unnecessary MEDICATION. I'm not one to purchase something unless I know for sure it will work. ....show full review

  • Ovary body type package is designed to rejuvenate your metabolism and support your specific body type
  • With this kit, you will receive an inclusive package which includes the Wheat Grass Juice Powder and the Estrogen Balance
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Ovary Body Type Package
Ovary Body Type Package

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    Health benefits

    Dr. Berg’s Ovary Body Type Package gives you a comprehensive approach to staying happy, healthy, and calm. 


    Estrogen Balance with DIM

    • Supports Menopause by promoting healthy hormones. Menopause can create discomfort because of real bodily changes. Some hormones calm you, but others make you stressed.  The wrong amounts of each can make you tired, irritable, and feeling like a different person. This supplement is specially designed to support healthy hormones that keep you happy, energetic, and relaxed.

    Cruciferous Food

    • Promotes a liver cleanse without the common unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, headaches, and fatigue. Support your liver health naturally and stress-free. Your liver is responsible for detoxifying your body and keeping you feeling light and healthy. Liver healthy can support healthy hormones by processing powerful substances such as alcohol and prescription medicines.

    Icelandic Sea Kelp Formula

    • Provides you with a natural source of iodine, a crucial nutrient used in many of your body’s most important processes. Iodine is one of the substances used by your body in normal thyroid function. It supports healthy hormones by giving your thyroid nutrients that support it to work normally. This may promote calmness and mental acuity.

    Raw Wheatgrass Juice Powder

    • Supports your body with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants that all play a role in promoting good health. It’s no secret that you need all of these to be healthy, but eating the right amounts of vegetables every day is extremely expensive and time-consuming. This superfood lightens the load and makes premium nutrition easy and affordable.


    Hormones are extremely complicated. They are produced by different organs and processes in your body. Your sleep pattern, diet, exercise, and mood can all affect your hormones.

    This is only made more complicated with menopause.

    No single product alone is going to be a “magic bullet” that solves feeling of irritability, a lack of motivation, and brain-fog.

    But a combination of products such as the Ovary Body Type Package have a much better chance. 

    Your mental state is intimately tied to your physical biology. 

    DIM is one of the ingredients that supports your mood, focus, and energy.  DIM is a natural hormone support that is found in fruits and vegetables. It is used by your body in many natural hormone processes that keep you calm. You’d have to eat two pounds of vegetables to get the same amount of DIM you get from just two of these capsules.


    The other ingredients in this package are all designed to support your hormones to feel less irritable, stay in control, and feel like yourself again.


    Icelandic Sea Kelp and Wheatgrass Juice Powder provide nutrients that you may be deficient in. Many of these nutrients support good hormones responsible for your mood and energy.


    Dr. Berg’s Cruciferous Food Supplement promotes a painless liver cleanse that supports a healthy body.


    This all natural hormone support is for you if:

    • You know that hormones play an important role in your skin, nail, and hair.
    • You are going through menopause and want support in this transition.
    • You are looking for the natural building blocks that support normal hormones, not artificial prescription medicines.
    • You want a whole-body feeling of soothing, focus, and calm.
    1. one bottle

      Support a healthy body with Cruciferous Superfood. This supplement is our proprietary blend of health-promoting vegetables. We hand-selected 11 phytonutrient-packed superfoods, including kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, beets, asparagus, red radish, parsley, garlic, turmeric, and sea kelp. Each bottle contains 250 easy-to-swallow vegetable capsules. Cruciferous Superfood is the extra boost you need to support healthy liver function and detoxification.

    2. one bottle

      Our wheatgrass juice powder is massively nutrient-dense. It is grown on soils, which were once an ancient sea bed in Utah. These soils are usually minerals and trace minerals rich. It is dark green, alive and very aromatic. You'll notice the difference between this wheatgrass juice powder by its deep green color, soothing taste and aromatic smell.

    3. one bottle Icelandic sea kelp

      Icelandic Sea Kelp: Our sea kelp is Icelandic from a pristine location Iceland. Sea Kelp is a sea vegetable and is loaded with plant based minerals, proteins and a great way to get your iodine, which is missing from most diets.

    4. one bottle

      Dr. Berg’s Estrogen Balance with DIM (Diindolylmethane) / Promotes Beneficial Estrogen Metabolism, Vegetarian Capsules – Also Contains Aromatase Inhibitor.


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