Dr. Berg's New Book on Video & Audio

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  • Video & Audio Mini Seminars on each of the chapters on the new book, The New Body Type Guide
  • Watch Dr. Berg presenting amazing seminars for each chapter
  • Also get the audio version
  • Listen while driving or even going for a walk
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Get Healthy, Lose Weight & Feel Great!

  • Dr. Berg Does Seminars on 19 Chapters!
  • Get the Audio Version of all 19 Chapters!
  • Thoroughly Learn the Book,’ The New Body Type Guide’!
  • Download the Audio Files!
  • Get Super Healthy & Finally Lose the Weight!

Watch Dr. Berg doing amazing seminars on each of the 19 chapters of his new book, The New Body Type Guide. You will also get the audio version so you can listen from your cell phone, which will make it possible to listen while driving or even going for a walk.

Watch Dr. Berg doing amazing seminars on each of the 19 chapters of his new book, The New Body Type Guide. You will also get the audio version so you can listen from your cell phone, which will make it possible to listen while driving or even going for a walk.




 There are also smaller options to the complete package. You can ONLY get the audio version or the book in the links below:

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Get Digital Versions of both books.

Dr. Berg: New Book on Video and Audio


  • The definitive guide that holds your hand to keto success.
  • All your keto-questions answered.
  • Advanced knowledge and quick tips.
  • Engaging video seminars summarize key chapters.
  • Listen while you drive, walk your dog, or do chores.


Do you feel  lost with all the keto diet information out there? Don’t worry, Dr. Berg’s new book holds your hand as you transform your health. Understand how fat loss works, why keto is so effective, and overall get to know your body better. Then, read game changing tips including how to fight cravings, discover keto pleasure foods, and make your diet a success. 


Health benefits

After working with thousands of patients, Dr. Berg has mastered how to teach the keto diet. This book has all the secrets that help you stick to keto and maximize your chances of transforming your health.


  • Empower yourself by understanding keto: Knowing how your body burns fat, why keto works, and other concepts help you transform your health easier. You learn to make your own decisions about eating, cooking, and dieting.
  • How To Flip Your Body’s Fat Switch: Most people spend their entire lives without burning the fat stuck on their bodies. That’s typically because your body is burning the sugar from your diet instead of your stuck fat. You’ll find out how to use food to “trigger” your body to burn fat for energy. 
  • Transition Without “Keto Flu”: The keto flu includes exhaustion, irritability, stress, and much more. This unpleasant transition phase exists because your body is building new cell machinery that fits your new diet. It can last from days to a month.If done correctly... your symptoms may be surprisingly mild.
  • Practical Corrective advice: These aren’t just scientific facts. Real corrective advice lets you make changes that help your diet right now. This includes catering to your body type, how to fight cravings, and how to “win back” your diet if you slip up and cheat.
  • Don’t like reading? The information in this book is so crucially important that Dr. Berg has gone out of his way to make video and audio versions as well. The video seminars are similar to Dr. Berg’s YouTube videos, except they are even more informative and applicable. The audio version is every word from the book for you to hear at your convenience.


Get Healthy First. Lose Weight Second.


Most people today have a very poor understanding of nutrition. That isn’t your fault. it’s something schools around the world have failed to realize is important.


That’s why, like most people, you probably view getting healthy and losing weight as the same thing: the second you start cutting weight it will be better for your body and your health will improve.


But that doesn’t account for your body’s complexity.


There are many different reasons why you are overweight. Most of them are because you have adapted your body to live in an unhealthy way. Your body is used to eating unhealthy foods, processing them, and doing the best it can to be normal.


If you keep living in this unhealthy state... your body just isn’t going to be able to lose weight.


Healthy eating supports normal hormones, a normal metabolism, and many other parts of your body. It’s important to support all of those first and then move on to weight loss.


That’s especially important because many systems in your body, such as your hormones, are directly responsible for weight loss.


Support them, and then a fit body will follow. It’s as simple as that.


You will also learn to understand your own body type. This includes special factors that you can take into account to burn fat quickly and healthily.


Another crucial chapter focuses on hormones. You will study the ones that burn fat, make fat, how to get them to normal levels, and much more.


[Includes Bonus Booklet] Your Quick Summary


All of this information is included in a book that has 379 pages and 158 graphics illustrations. But in case you don’t want to go through all those pages, you also get a bonus booklet for free.

It only takes you 45 minutes to read, has many pictures and graphs, and summarizes all the key points.


Read the booklet first so that you can get a quick introduction to this new healthy world. Then read, watch, or listen to the book on your phone to flesh out all the life-changing concepts.

Get Digital Versions of both books.

  1. The Healthy Keto Plan
    • The Healthy Keto Plan written by Eric Berg
    • Improved version of his bestselling book, The New Body Type Guide
    • New version to bust through any slow metabolism
    • Get your body into a super health state
    • Chapters on acupressure techniques to rid stress
    • Pleasure food recipes that are healthy
    • Forget about cravings, blood sugar, stress
    • Personal guide to customize your results based on your body type
  2. Healthy Keto & Intermittent Fasting
    • Easy to read with colored images of what to eat
    • Summary of the most key strategies using Intermittent Fasting
    • Example pictures of meals factoring in the correct percentage of carbs, proteins and fats.
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