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Satisfy your sweet tooth and stay in ketosis with Ketogenic Desserts by Dr. Berg. This digital eBook is packed full of indulging, keto-friendly dessert recipes created in collaboration with our full-time chef. Each recipe is complete with ingredients, detailed preparation instructions, and pictures. You don’t have to deprive yourself on keto! Get this eBook to liven up your meals with sweets, bread, keto bombs, pastries, and other comfort foods.

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  • Amazing Pleasure Desserts!
  • Simple & Incredibly Easy to Make!
  • Follows Dr. Berg's Keto Formula!
  • Never Deprive Yourself Again!
  • Low Carb, No Grain Treats!
  • Loaded With Pictures & Recipes
  • Alternative Pleasure Food Recipes!
  • Summary of Dr. Berg Website Keto Desserts!
  • Feel Satisfied as You Lose Weight!
Ketogenic Desserts & Yummies

Delicious & Easy to Make Low Carbohydrate Alternatives for Your Favorite Desserts!

  • Enjoy delicious desserts without cheating on your keto diet.
  • The perfect solution for sugar cravings.
  • Discover the pleasant world of genuinely tasty carb-free desserts.
  • Cook, freeze, and have handy whenever you wish you could “cheat” your diet.
  • Easy to make even if you have no previous experience.


Stay on Your Journey to Good Health


One of keto’s most challenging difficulties is giving up desserts. That can make you “cheat” on your diet. Unfortunately, keto makes you hypersensitive to carbohydrates, so the pure sugar in desserts is exceptionally bad for you. Use these surprisingly delicious and easy-to-make keto desserts to eliminate your sugar cravings.

Health benefits

Dr. Berg's Ketogenic Desserts eBook finally gives you a real solution to your sugar cravings.

  • Unbelievably delicious. Look at the pictures and reviews for yourself. These desserts have been carefully collected from the best recipes from the best cooking authorities. They make sticking with keto much easier and bring some simple pleasure back into your life.
  • Can desserts be no-carb? The rest of the keto diet makes sense: you probably know how to cook healthy meats, fish, and vegetables. But whenever you cook desserts from scratch you instantly think of sugar. Anyone who’s baked before is familiar with the huge amounts of sugar that go into something as seemingly healthy as an apple pie.
  • Easy to make. Do not be intimidated if you have no previous cooking or baking experience. These ingredients are easy to get—just order them online or pick them up at your local store. Easy-to-follow steps make cooking a pleasure.
  • Tasty on every occasion. Use them as an evening snack, or even use them for special occasions—potlucks, holidays, and big family dinners. Each time you'll be able to stay on your diet and everyone else won't even know how healthy these desserts are.
  • Fight every sugar craving. Just make them once, store them in the freezer and take them out whenever you get the urge to break your diet. With discipline and dedication, you can follow through with the keto diet. But these desserts just make it much easier.


How do desserts block your health journey?


Even the most dedicated keto dieters have days where they just need a break. You might have to deal with this if you see some desserts someone brought into work, or you just really crave a piece of cake with your coffee.


Unfortunately, there are few worse things you could cheat with than desserts.


This is because, after extended periods of ketosis, your body becomes more sensitive to carbohydrates.


Your body is always adapting to whatever situation you put it in. That’s how ketosis happens in the first place—your body gets used to not eating carbohydrates and develops a new energy source.


After being on ketosis, your body becomes extremely sensitive to carbohydrates. Any sugar or carbohydrates you consume have a greater effect.


If you were to cheat with pasta, rice, or bread, at least those carbohydrates are processed by your body and then turned into sugar. The sugar you find in desserts, most juices, and some sauces is the most concentrated weight-loss obstacle out there.


Use the keto desserts to stay on your weight-loss journey when you get those too familiar sugar cravings.

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