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Liquid Vitamin D with Zinc is a daily health supplement that gives you the natural boost of two vital nutrients: vitamin D3 and zinc. These easy-to-use oral drops make getting a daily dose of vitamin D and zinc a breeze for children and adults. Just a few dropperfuls a day can help support healthy bones, muscles, and immune system function.

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Introducing: Liquid Vitamin D with Zinc


Liquid Vitamin D with Zinc is a new daily supplement in the form of easy-to-use oral drops for both children and adults. Our top-tier formula contains high-quality vitamin D3 enhanced with zinc.

This supplement can be used on a daily basis to promote healthy vitamin D levels and support healthy bones, muscles, skin, digestion, brain function, eyes, fertility, cells, and immune system function. It’s also a great way to promote the health and well-being of children who aren’t able to take traditional vitamin D pills and capsules.

There’s no easier way to get a daily boost of vitamin D3 and zinc.


Supplement Facts for Liquid Vitamin D with Zinc

Form: Liquid

Serving size: 1 dropperful

Servings per container: 30

Suggested use: Shake before using. As a dietary supplement, adults: take 2 to 3 droppersful once a day. Children: take 1 dropperful once a day. Take it with water or dairy products or any fatty meals for better absorption. One serving (one dropperful) will give you 15mcg (600 IU) of vitamin D3 and 11 mg of zinc. This product helps support a healthy immune system.†

CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

Amount per serving % Daily Value
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)15 mcg (600 IU)75%
Zinc (as zinc sulfate)11 mg100%


*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

** Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: Filtered water


Vitamin D deficiency: the ignored pandemic

Nearly half of the world’s population lacks sufficient levels of vitamin D, with around one billion suffering from a serious vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiencies have had devastating negative consequences for the world’s public health.

Despite the consequences, no international health organization or government body has declared vitamin D deficiency a health emergency. While medical professionals and scientists have made significant medical advances in the last century, there has been little attention on vitamin D deficiency. This is a huge problem because vitamin D is one of the most powerful nutrients for maintaining a healthy body.


Health Benefits 

Vitamin D is so much more than “the sunshine vitamin”

People often think of vitamin D only as a vitamin that controls calcium levels and bone density—but the role of vitamin D extends much further. While vitamin D meets the definition of a vitamin, it also functions as a steroid hormone. 


When your body produces vitamin D and releases it into your bloodstream, it is transported to your cells. Vitamin D then attaches to the cells’ vitamin D receptors and begins regulating the function of tissues and organs. Without the help of vitamin D, your organs, muscles, bones, and other tissues would not be able to function properly. 


Vitamin D is also vital for modulating immune inflammatory reactions. Without the regulatory functions of vitamin D, your body would develop excessive levels of inflammation, leading to inflammatory conditions.


Virtually every cell has a vitamin D receptor

Receptors are tiny protein molecules on the surface of your cells that receive signals from certain chemicals, like vitamin D. When your receptors receive messages from a chemical in your body, they instruct your cells to function properly—they act as your cells’ eyes and ears. 

You have trillions of cells in your body, and nearly every one of them has a receptor for vitamin D. This means that a vitamin D deficiency will affect virtually all areas of your body. In fact, vitamin D is involved in over a thousand human genes responsible for the production of proteins.


Why the modern world is vitamin D deficient 

Genetic variations, aging, and living at higher latitudes can all contribute to lower levels of vitamin D. Unfortunately, these are things you don’t have control over. However, many things that can make us vitamin D deficient are related to the choices we make as part of the modern lifestyle. 

Low levels of vitamin D can be caused by spending too much time indoors, consuming sugar and junk food, becoming overweight, eating foods laden with herbicides and pesticides, working and living in polluted cities, being stressed out all the time, and using certain medications. These habits are likely to be the most significant causes of vitamin D insufficiency today. 


The problem is, it’s virtually impossible to get enough vitamin D through food alone. Only ten to twenty percent of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin D can be obtained from your diet. And this is only if you can include plenty of foods like cod liver oil, fatty fish, egg yolks, and beef liver. 

It’s apparent that Mother Nature intended us to get vitamin D from exposure to the sun. Sunlight is the best way to get enough vitamin D naturally. Since it is not possible to produce enough vitamin D at high latitudes in winter, supplementing with vitamin D is a necessity—especially in the winter months. 


Maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D year round is vital for supporting:

  • A balanced immune response
  • Normal blood pressure levels 
  • Heart health
  • Normal inflammation levels
  • Normal brain function
  • A healthy body weight
  • Your mood and happiness
  • Normal insulin sensitivity 


Zinc: Vitamin D’s helper nutrient

Zinc is an essential trace mineral. Trace minerals are minerals that your body needs in small amounts to function normally. Up to 17% of the global population is at risk for inadequate zinc intake. This is a huge problem because, without enough zinc, vitamin D can’t function properly. 


Low zinc levels result in poor vitamin D receptor function and an inadequate response to vitamin D actions—a situation known as vitamin D resistance. In other words, you may have normal levels of vitamin D but still experience the effects of low vitamin D if you have a zinc deficiency.


Zinc has several other important roles, including: 

  • Regulating of over 300 enzymes
  • Activating genes
  • Producing vital DNA and proteins
  • Producing insulin 
  • Boosting immunity 
  • Supporting wound healing
  • Promoting normal childhood growth and development


Vitamin D3 + zinc: The most powerful duo for boosting immunity and bone health

Vitamin D a potent immunomodulator. This means that it can regulate the immune system so that it’s active when it needs to be but not overactive when it shouldn’t be. Most cells that defend your body from foreign invaders—like viruses and bacteria—have vitamin D receptors. This includes neutrophils, macrophages, monocytes, and dendritic cells.

When used together, vitamin D and zinc have several additive effects. Zinc acts as an immunity booster and can cut the duration of common cold symptoms. Vitamin D and zinc work together to support strong bones by preventing bone resorption and promoting bone mineralization. 


Vitamin D and zinc also…

  • Support a healthy heart
  • Promote normal blood sugar levels
  • Support healthy metabolism
  • Help with weight loss
  • Promote a healthy gut
  • Support healthy skin
  • Boost brain function
  • Improve mood
  • Support male and female fertility
  • Promote healthy eyes
  • Act as powerful antioxidants 

Don’t waste your time on low-quality vitamin D supplements

Unlike many other vitamin D supplements, Liquid Vitamin D with Zinc contains high-quality vitamin D3 (natural) instead of vitamin D2 (synthetic). This form of vitamin D is far more potent and bioavailable. Liquid Vitamin D with Zinc gives you the synergistic power of vitamin D and zinc to help keep your immune system and bones strong all year round.

Dr. Berg’s Liquid Vitamin D with Zinc is right for you if…

  • You struggle with low levels of vitamin D and zinc
  • You have a child who needs a boost of essential nutrients
  • You want to support a healthy immune system
  • You need a natural and healthy source of vitamin D and zinc
  • You experience common signs of low vitamin D (weight gain, inflammation, and a low mood)
  • You want a boost of antioxidants to promote normal inflammation levels
  • You need an easy and convenient way to help support your body with crucial nutrients

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