Dr. Berg’s Amazing Self-Massage Tool - Complete Package with a Step-by-step Digital Video Tutorial

Product Reviews:
  • Dr. Berg’s specially designed massage tool
  • Learn how to do acupressure on yourself
  • Makes it easy to get the stress out
  • Get wonderful rest
  • Use this for neck, low back, feet discomfort
  • Allows you to use different widths for different techniques
  • Have it be stabilized when you do this in bed or on your couch
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Melt Your Stress Any Time Of The Day You Want

  • Whole Body Stress Relief
  • 7-8 Hours of Uninterrupted Sleep & Wake Up Refreshed
  • Simple Step-by-Step Techniques
  • Self-Massage Tool To Extract Back & Neck Stress



With this chiropractor-designed massage tool you can:

  • Enjoy Whole Body Stress Relief
  • Promote Deeper, More Restful Sleep
  • Wake Up Refreshed With More Energy
  • Reduce Back and Neck Pain and Tightness

490+ customer reviews

  • If you are feeling stressed or have a tight, painful neck or back this self-massage tool has a special tripod design for effective massage and acupressure that extracts back and neck stress for total body relaxation and stress relief.
  • Sleep better tonight by releasing stress, tightness and strain in your body using this tool for a minute or more before bed - giving you deep, uninterrupted sleep all night.
  • The easiest massage tool on the market is finally here, including Dr. Berg's step-by-step Digital Video Tutorial that shows you how simple it is for you to use on a bed, chair or couch for fast relief.
  • 100% Guaranteed. This remarkable massage tool ws developed to mimic the healing hands of Dr. Eric Berg, a chiropractor with over 25 years of experience in eliminating stress in his patients. It's 100% guaranteed that you'll enjoy the same relief as you would in a session with a leading chiropractor.... without the hassle of a trip to the office.


Most people agree - stress levels today are at an all-time high.

Dr. Berg has worked with patients for over 29 years. He has seen how stress gets so bad that his patients can't 'turn off' anymore. Old stress accumulates in the body, showing up in neck and back pain, tightness and strain.

The pile-up of stress and tension makes it almost impossible to get enough good quality sleep at night. And lack of sleep just adds to your levels of stress, taking the situation from bad to worse.

When you don't recharge with enough sleep, your energy levels are low, your fat burning hormones get shut off and your appetite skyrockets. This can lead to weight gain and the health problems that go hand in hand with excess body fat.

Many people turn to chemical solution when this happens, including alcohol and sleeping pills. But none of those artificial 'Band-Aid' solutions addresses the real problem: stress. And so you continue building up stress levels in your body and maintain the vicious cycle of sleep problems and health fallout.

Dr. Berg, a leading chiropractor, created this powerfull massage tool to pull out the old stress from your back, neck and feel. It was designed to mimic his hand to give you the same acupressure technique that he uses with his patients to eliminate stress and promote restful sleep.

Just use it on a chair, couch or bed 2-5 minutes before going to bed for deeper, more restful sleep and improved health and vitality.



Enjoy feeling more relaxed and calm all day!


Stop tossing and turning and get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep tonight!


Feel deep relaxation and reduce discomfort caused by stress build up in your body!


Stop struggling through your day feeling exhausted - instead enjoy renewed energy!

Get a Healthy Start Today

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stars 490+ customer reviews

One of the easiest massage tools on the market today with a simple step-by-step digital video tutorial!


Enjoy the same stress and pain relief you'd get from a visit to a chiropractor's office!


You'll enjoy amazing results or get a refund, no questions asked!


  • Designed by chiropractor to release neck and back stress in as little as one minute.
  • Unique tripod design allows you to easily stabilize it on your bed, couch or chair.
  • 3 different widths fit every body type and size.
  • Gives you whole body stress relief - can be used anywhere you have tension, tightness or pain.
  • Use before bed to improve your quality of sleep, so you 7-8 hours of uninterrupted, restful sleep at night.
  • Wake up refreshed in the morning and feeling energetic for your day.
  • Easy to use with step-by-step Digital Video Tutorial with Dr. Berg.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - ZERO risk for you try it and see for yourself.

Massage Tool Uses

Learn how to do acupressure on yourself using Dr. Berg's specially designed device. This invention makes it easy to reduce stress and get great rest. Use it as a tripod to address different stress points on your body. This is the complete program which comes with an additional step-by-step video tutorial showing you how to reduce your stress, rest and feel great. The basic program comes with step-by-step instructions in a PDF document.


It all started when Dr. Berg’s usual go-to person for massage in his clinic was out of the office.

He had been having some challenging problems, causing tension and pain to build up in his neck and shoulders. This happened from time to time, but he always had help resolving it quickly.

Not this time. She was out of the office and no one else was available. I wish I could just get another pair of my own hands, he thought.

Then the light bulb went on in his head.

That’s when Dr. Berg started designing his self-massage tool – designed after his own hands and his knowledge of acupressure.

But in addition to being effective, it also had to be something that super-easy to use. Especially on the back and neck, which are hard to reach.

So he came up with his tripod design that would stay stable on any surface. So you can lean back on it in a chair or lay down on it in bed. Now anyone could use it anywhere on their body – including their hard-to-reach areas. You can even use the tool on your feet.

Then Dr. Berg made it fit 3 different sizes. Because as a chiropractor he knew it had to fit every size and shape, just like his patients.

See our manual


A Natural Alternative to Full Body Relaxation

Work and life can just exhaust you. Typical solutions include overeating unhealthy foods, alcohol, smoking, and prescription medicines. It’s no secret all of these are not good for your health. Instead, try massaging your stress away. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars at a spa. This self-massage tool gives you an instant way to physically release the stress from your body.

  • Whole Body Stress: Supports back and neck discomfort from the moment you start your massage until the moment you go to sleep. Feel deep relaxation and support discomfort that’s been building up in your body for years.
  • Support Normal Sleep Cycles: Pent up energy can reduce your vitality. That may be because your body is producing energy at the wrong times. Normal sleep cycles can stabilize these levels, and relax you as you sleep through the night..
  • Wake Up Refreshed With More Energy: Massaging is physical support for more vitality and a better mood. A 2018 study with 385 participants showed acupressure massaging lead to sleep support of 13-19%. (1)
  • Simple Step-by-Step Techniques: Learn how to effectively massage your body using your chair, sofa, or even bed to dissolve stress. It is impossible to make a mistake as long as you follow the video tutorial.
  • Chiropractor Designed: Enjoy similar stress support you'd get from a visit to a chiropractor's office. Tripod design allows you to massage your pressure points while sitting or laying down. Full refund if you do not feel whole-body support.

Stress Is Not Just Mental -- It’s a Full Body Experience.


You might think that stress is just “in your head” and separate from your body.

In reality, psychological stress can have direct effects on your physicality. Long-term stress from slouching, putting too much weight on your spine, and many other aspects can all have negative effects.

 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

RISK FREE! Contact us within 30 days and we will refund you, no questions asked!


It’s not hard to see that stress levels today are at an all-time high. 

The world seems to get crazier by the day. All your devices are always bombarding you with notifications. The days of enjoying some quiet time alone without shocking news seem to be far gone.


Dr. Berg has worked with patients for over 29 years. In most patients, stress just keeps accumulating. He’s heard many patients say it’s gotten so bad it’s because it's impossible to “turn off” and relax.


The stress from life and work gets stored up in your body and appears in discomfort in your neck, back, and other places.


The solution? It’s never been more important to support sleep cycles.


Resting peacefully is unbelievably important for your body. A busy life can get you so stressed, you might feel like you cannot stop being stressed. 


But sleep isn’t only important for putting you in a good mood. Adequate restings support normal energy levels, fat burning, and normal hormones. Things like always being hungry, weight gain, the “3PM Slump,” and irritability may come from one or more of these conditions.


What only makes it worse is that people turn to chemical solutions for this. You drink your “nightcap” or taking sleeping pills in the hope you get the sleep that will fill you with energy the next day.


That unfortunately rarely works. Real stress is the underlying problem these “band-aid” solutions don’t address. Alcohol and sleeping pills can even make sleep and exhaustion worse.


These problems can’t be fixed by a single miracle solution. But Dr. Berg’s massage tool gives you real health support. It supports the chronic stress you have built up in your muscles.


Dr. Berg has done everything possible to make it feel as close to a massage or a chiropractor treatment as possible.


Clients have reported using it as a massage for just 2-5 minutes before sleep gives you real support for normal sleep cycles.

Don’t worry, it’s not another routine that just turns into a time commitment.


You will be surprised by how easy and pleasant learning how to massage yourself is.

This basic program comes with step-by-step instructions in a PDF document.You will start feeling calmer and support normal sleep cycles in just a few days.

Use this stress kit to support sleep today, and start the process that promotes good health for years to come.

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